A safe retirement starts with sound advice.

Whether you're already retired or getting close, this easy-to-read 100-page book contains useful advice on how to reduce risk and financial stress when it comes to your retirement savings. A $14.99 value, yours free!

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Putting safety first, always

There's no substitute for safe money in retirement, but how can you evaluate if a financial product is truly safe? Read the unique evaluation rubric to see if you are protected.

Fresh ideas for modern issues 

401(k) and IRAs offer unique retirement planning options, but what should you do when it's time to actually retire? Gain practical advice to be ready for retirement.

Quality advice from a qualified professional

Nathan Frederico, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, offers retirement guidance supported by academic and industry professionals, all with easy-to-digest data.

Unlock your retirement potential

Practical advice, issues to be aware of, dispelled myths, and useful guidelines, all with one purpose: to help you retire on your own terms with the lifestyle you've planned for.

Nathan R. Frederico

President of Mayfield Financial,
Author of Rethink Your Retirement: 
Unconventional Wisdom for Safer Retirement Planning

Author Nathan R. Frederico, a Retirement Income Certified Professional® and Certified Financial Fiduciary®, is host of The Worry-Free Financial Solutions radio program and podcast. Nathan offers timely advice to thousands of current and pre-retirees who want to improve their financial peace of mind in retirement. As president of Mayfield Financial Group, he leads a team of retirement experts in Tucson, AZ. This independent firm, now in its 25th year, abides by fiduciary standards in offering a safety-first approach to retirement planning. 

Nathan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Brigham Young University in Utah, where he studied finance and market trends. He then began a decade-long career as a portfolio manager and investment analyst. His dissatisfaction with the industry’s insatiable appetite for risk led him to rethink approaches for stable, competitive returns. He found his passion at Mayfield Financial, as he helps clients minimize risk while achieving their retirement and financial goals.


As heard on The Worry-Free Financial Solutions radio show

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Praise for Rethink Your Retirement

Book reviews from retirees

"For me, this is a most important book. I'll be going back and reviewing this again and again."

Christopher, Arizona
Pre-retiree (age range 65-69)

"Interesting, relatable, informative and surprisingly fun to read. A worthwhile book and people will enjoy reading it."

Rosemary, Utah
Retiree (age range 70-74)